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Transportation/Escort Specialists


If you are having difficulty finding a caregiver to meet your needs you might want to consider using a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) to assist you. This is usually a nurse or a social worker who can assist with evaluation and overseeing a care plan. A care manager would be able to assist you in the hiring and interviewing process, as well as ongoing monitoring once you have a caregiver in place. This is especially helpful if you are a family member of someone who needs care and you live a distance from your family member.

Some care managers work independently and others may work through an agency. In either instance the amount the care manager would charge for services and costs would vary based on the type and amount of service you require. Prior to enlisting the services of a GCM you should ask for a fee schedule for his or her services.

Transportation/Escort Specialists

Clients who may not be able to safely drive often rely on transportation and escort services in order to make it to their destinations.

Our Professional office staff are always available to take your requests, listen and match the caregiver with your needs.. We verify licenses, call and record all references reports , obtain background checks from the CJIS(Criminal Justice Information Services) before we hire anyone, to make sure we provide dependable, reliable and trustworthy aides and drivers to our clients.

some communities offer some sort of transportation assistance for older or disabled adults. The transportation may be public or privately hired. The cost may be a set amount or a sliding fee scale based on the individual’s resources. Some communities have arrangements with local taxi services to offer older adults reduced rates for pre-scheduled appointments. Your local senior center or Area Agency on Aging is the best place to check for this referral.

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If you are recovering from an illness or injury, or you are concerned about an older adult who is in the hospital or experiencing a crisis and needs assistance immediately, it is very important to select the right care provider and find an appropriate match for your loved one. That is why you need to talk to Jamhuri Healthcare Services for information and guidance in making that important decision.

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