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Systemic Inflammation: What You Need to Know

Stay Healthy

Staying on top of your health can often seem like a full-time job. However, keeping your mind and body in great shape is worth the investment; after all, when it’s gone, we feel its impact the most. This is why we all need to better understand systemic inflammation.

Surprisingly, a significant cause of many health problems is systemic inflammation. Unfortunately, that’s not always obvious, as we may credit other factors for any issues we’re experiencing. In fact, certain levels of inflammation can be hard to detect. Still, there can be noticeable physical symptoms like swelling, visible redness, as well as pain. Without being addressed, systemic inflammation could contribute to a number of serious conditions, such as strokes, dementia, autoimmune disorders, and heart disease.

Understanding the Microbiome

To understand inflammation, we need to know our guts. Our stomachs are home to thousands of bacteria, and it may surprise you to learn that some of these are helpful. Yet, when our microbiomes are out of whack, we open ourselves up to a host of conditions, including diabetes, obesity, and systemic inflammation. Thankfully, you can improve your stomach’s health, as well as its bacteria, by adding both prebiotic and probiotic supplements to your routine. By using prebiotics, which are nondigestible foods, you can clean out your stomach, and make it a better place for helpful bacteria. Furthermore, probiotics contain live cultures of these good bacteria to replace any you may have lost.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Taking proper care of your teeth is another way to help prevent inflammation and take care of your overall well-being. This includes brushing your teeth, flossing, and visiting your dentist on a regular basis. However, dental issues such as misaligned teeth can make these tasks difficult, though there are affordable solutions. Realignment systems such as Six Month Smiles provides both clear aligners and braces, though it is more expensive than others on the market. So a little research to ensure that this option is best for you and your teeth.

Dealing with Diets

Besides adding supplements to your diet, you can limit harmful inflammation through different dietary choices, which involves taking a hard look at what you’re eating regularly. If your diet includes processed and fried foods like French fries, refined carbs, lots of red meat, and unhealthy fats, you have to scale back. Instead, look for foods that lower inflammation, such as tomatoes, olive oil, nuts, fatty fish, and fresh fruits. Should you need more structure, you could try the ketosis diet or ketogenic fasting. After all, when your body enters a ketogenic state, it produces chemicals that fight inflammation and make us healthier overall.

Change Unhealthy Habits

Regrettably, certain habits may be increasing your levels of systemic inflammation. Indeed, smoking, exercising too much or not enough, drinking heavily, or even excessive tanning could lead to inflammation spikes. Luckily, by limiting any bad habits — for example, only going for an occasional drink with friends — you can help transform your body and health. If you have trouble doing so, identify which triggers are contributing to unhelpful patterns, and then do what you can to avoid them. Lastly, don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you have a good day or good week, as this could actually reinforce positive behaviors.

Breathe Easier

One seemingly inescapable cause of systemic inflammation is air pollution. Of course, there is little we can do except move elsewhere for fresher air, but we can at least improve our home environments. To do so, and to hopefully decrease your levels of swelling, ventilate your house when you can by opening all the windows. This is especially important when you’re using hair spray, floor polishes, or cleaning chemicals to avoid breathing them in. If you have a gas stove, for instance, you must ensure that it’s well-ventilated as well to minimize its effect on your home. As an added precaution, don’t smoke indoors, and try to get an air scrubber or filter to purify the atmosphere you and your family breathe. While it might not seem immediately apparent, contaminated air plays a large role in the development of inflammation.

Don’t let yourself or your loved ones become bogged down by systemic inflammation. By doing what you can to decrease its effects, you can improve your overall well-being. And while changing habits is hard, the benefits are definitely worth it.

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