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Best places to retire in Maryland

Retire in Maryland


Deciding on where to retire is not easy. You want to stay close to your grandkids and family. Perhaps you want to downsize your home and get rid of all the extra space. You might want to head straight to a rural area and start your life in retirement there. Or, it might be adventures and fun activities that you are looking for! Additionally, you would probably also want to get a good deal on your new home. Considering the difference in desires and criteria, deciding on the ‘perfect’ city to retire is impossible. However, we can provide a list of the best places to retire in Maryland!


Takoma Park

For those looking to downsize their home and move to a slightly less urban area while still having the conveniences of a large city nearby, Takoma Park is the perfect choice! On its own, Takoma Park has around twenty thousand residents. Its main draws, interestingly enough, are education and healthcare, and it boasts excellent achievements in both fields! This makes it an ideal place for seniors since they have easy access to healthcare. Moreover, their children (and grandkids!) could end up moving there as well due to fantastic conditions for raising a family and low crime rates.


For the slightly more adventurous spirits, Easton is an excellent choice! The city offers a wide variety of water-related activities, such as kayaking, sailing, and canoeing due to its proximity to the Chesapeake Bay. Interestingly enough, Easton still has stunningly affordable housing, excellent healthcare, and a thriving cultural scene despite the city’s tourism potential. With the housing prices being what they are, you are sure to find the perfect house for you here.Retire in Maryland

The beautiful scenery around Easton makes it one of the best places to retire in Maryland!

Bel Air

Quiet, peaceful, and surrounded by some rather pretty sights, Bel Air is very much the perfect destination for retirees. The average housing prices here are lower than in Easton. The city also lays claim to some meager crime rates, marking it one of the safest places to live on our list! One thing is for sure: if it is a close-knit, dreamy community you are looking for, you’ve found it!

You might, however, find yourself worrying about the difficulty of moving to such a place in Maryland. Don’t worry, though! You can still have an easy journey to your new home since hiring reputable movers in Maryland won’t be an issue.


This is another city that offers relatively easy access to the Chesapeake Bay. What sets it apart from our previous entry, however, is its historical heritage. It comes in the form of a historic district filled with brick houses dating back to the eighteenth century. The quaint and beautiful architecture might be what draws you to this city and makes you stay! For those who are not quite as drawn to such things, Annapolis still has plenty to offer. The city has quite a high number of recreation centers and a bustling night scene. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since most of the city’s residents are young. Still, the city has had success with catering to retirees recently, so the numbers will likely grow!

Annapolis at night
The peace and beauty of the city are especially apparent during evening walks!

The peace and beauty of the city are especially apparent during evening walks!


Interestingly, while the city does not have many senior citizens and is predominantly young, it has a surprising number of retirement communities. If such a thing appeals to you, you should probably consider moving here! The city also doesn’t lack entertainment, with its wine festival, county fair, and art festival, all of which happen annually. If this still isn’t enough to convince you Westminster might be a good choice, it should also be noted they have excellent medical centers. It is a good trait for a city to have, just in case!


With a population of barely seven thousand people, Hampstead is the second smallest city on our list. It is most certainly a perfect choice for those who want to live quiet, contemplative lives and enjoy themselves in relative solitude. What makes it stand out are the property prices, both when it comes to renting and buying. You will have quite an easy time finding a place you can afford! Interestingly, it is also a city that best embodies the advantages and disadvantages of rural living.


As the absolute smallest town on our list, with about five thousand residents, Poolesville is a city that offers surprisingly many activities! Both cyclists and hiking enthusiasts will find the area breathtaking, and the variety of orchards, farms, and vineyards will keep enticing you to take long strolls through the beautiful scenery. In addition, the crime rate is also among the lowest in the county, making it a very safe place to retire.

Ocean City

Cushioned between the Isle of Wight Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, this city might have only around eight thousand inhabitants, but it is a bustling and prosperous place! Envisioned and built as a resort town, the town has also gained several retirement communities that do an excellent job of keeping their members engaged and happy. Being a tourist destination, Ocean City also has a large number of people passing through. Thus, making it a culturally diverse and fascinating place.

Ocean City beach
The beauty of Ocean City alone makes it one of the best places to retire in Maryland!

The beauty of Ocean City alone makes it one of the best places to retire in Maryland!

Final Words

This concludes our list of the best places to retire in Maryland! We know it’s not easy making a decision. There are so many things to consider and even more to pay careful attention to if you want your life in retirement to be perfect. However, we are confident that you can pick the ideal city according to your tastes, desires, and interests. Just remember never to settle for anything less than what you set out to find!

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