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How to make your retirement simpler

How to make your retirement simpler with technology.

A senior citizen using a tablet.

The advancement of technology has made our lives easier and better in so many ways. But, if you thought that technology is intended only for millennials and that you’re too old to use it, you couldn’t be more wrong. All generations can benefit from it! You can even make your retirement simpler with technology. It will help you maintain your independence and mobility and easily get in touch with your family anytime you wish. Basically, it will help you make more out of your retirement years. Wondering how? We’ll provide answers in this article.

Planning your retirement

Not only will technology make your retirement simpler, but it will also help you plan for it in a much easier way.

For example, if you are considering downsizing after retirement, you can research your options online and find helpful advice from reliable professionals. You can get in touch with financial and real estate experts with a click of a mouse.

A granddaughter teaches her grandfather to use a smartphone.
A granddaughter teaches her grandfather to use a smartphone.

Caption: Engage your grandkids – they can help you master computer basics and teach you how to use different apps.

Alt: A granddaughter teaches her grandfather to use a smartphone.

Different innovations in automation can help you save your money in a smarter and better way. Online assessment and comparison tools will factor in potential healthcare costs, the long-term cost of living, and even provision for unexpected events. This way, once it’s time to stop working, you can be certain that you’ll be financially secure.

If you plan on relocating, you can use different online tools to explore the best places in the U.S. that Americans are moving to and decide which place is perfect for you, all from the comfort of your home.

Make your retirement simpler with technology

Digital technologies are constantly transforming every aspect of our lives. Every day, new breakthroughs are making different segments of our lives so much easier. Everything is becoming more and more simple, from ordering food with a click to easily getting in touch with loved ones that are thousands of miles away.

Technology also has the potential to make it easier for seniors to live independently and massively improve their quality of life. Further in this article, we’ll talk more about ways to make your retirement simpler with technology.


There is nothing more important in a person’s life than health. Medicine has advanced in so many ways and owes so much to technology. With so many tech health tools developed for seniors, it’s easier than ever to stay healthy and maintain an active lifestyle. Here are only some of the senior-friendly tech health innovations:

  • Medication monitors – These apps are set up to alert you when it’s time to take your medications. But they go even further – if you don’t take the medication within a certain time, the app alerts you once more. If more time passes, the app contacts an emergency person. Usually, a family member or a friend and you need to program their details in advance.
  • Fitness tracker – Getting enough exercise is very important for seniors. To help you maintain an active lifestyle, there are different apps that you can use to keep track of your daily activities. They keep track of how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burned. On top of that, they measure your heart rate and give you insights into your sleep quality and routine.
  • Assistive listening devices & captioned telephones – These devices are created especially for people who are experiencing hearing loss. ALDs are designed to help them better follow dialogues on TV and face-to-face conversations. CapTels help by showing captions on your phone while you’re having a conversation.
  • GPS tracking shoe insoles – This is a great invention for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. The insole goes into the shoes, and in the case the person wanders off, they can easily and quickly be found and brought home.

Entertainment and social media

Not having to work means more free time to spend doing whatever you enjoy. Luckily there are plenty of tech entertainment options for seniors in case you get bored.

For example, you can use an e-reader to read your favorite books. You can even enlarge the font and adjust it to your needs. If you are a movie fan, apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime are relatively simple to use and navigate. Instagram and Pinterest are inexhaustible sources of new recipes and interesting travel blogs.


A senior married couple sitting on the couch and FaceTiming with their family.
A senior married couple sitting on the couch and FaceTiming with their family.

Caption: Technology made it so much easier to communicate with your loved ones, no matter how far they are.

Alt: A senior married couple sitting on the couch and FaceTiming with their family.

Social media is not only for millennials. In fact, websites like Facebook or Twitter are used by a lot of retirees. Using them is a perfect way to stay in touch with your family and friends. As they have an enormous user base, you can even rekindle past friendships.

Apps like FaceTime or Skype are probably the most useful as they allow you to have video calls with your loved ones all around the world. Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to get a good and reliable internet connection, even if you decide to spend your retirement in a rural setting. You can have a video chat with your grandkids even if they are across the globe from you.

Home assisting devices

Lately, more and more smart home devices are being developed. They can make your everyday life so much easier. There are many digital assistant devices, such as OK Google or Amazon Echo, that can provide you with any information at any time. They are activated by your voice, so the only thing you need to do is ask a question or ask them to play your favorite music.

Other home devices are becoming smart, too. For example, you can now remotely set your washers and dryers to do their business. The apps can store many different customized cycles, so you don’t have to worry about changing the settings every time. You can do all of it from your smartphone or tablet.

Getting one out of many various digital assistants will make your everyday life much easier. More interesting, too
Getting one out of many various digital assistants will make your everyday life much easier. More interesting, too

Caption: Getting one out of many various digital assistants will make your everyday life much easier. More interesting, too.

Alt: Make your retirement simpler with technology such as Amazon’s digital assistant.

Also, you can remotely control your alarm system and lights. Let’s say you’re out of town, visiting family. You can remotely set your heater at home and have a “warm welcome” when you arrive.

Final words

Don’t be intimidated by technology but grab your grandchild by hand and have them teach you how to use any tech feature that comes to your mind. You’ll both have fun and spend some quality time together. Alternatively, there are so many centers with educators who help seniors learn about tech.

We hope we were able to convince you that you can indeed make your retirement simpler with technology. Make sure to make the best out of your golden years, and we wish you a happy retirement!


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Find out how to make your retirement simpler with technology. It will help you spend your golden years as carefree and as healthy as possible!

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