Home Care, Senior Care Pikesville MD, Personal Care For Seniors And Disabled Adults.

Home Care, Senior Care – “Loving And Caring Is What We Do”

Home Care, Senior Care
Home Care, Senior Care

Our mission at Jamhuri Healthcare services Inc, is to ensure that those in need receive affordable, quality in-home care by matching your needs with the skills and experience of our caring staff. By matching needs with abilities, we are able to provide comprehensive, direct care that will afford you or your loved one an independent and happy life. Give us a call and let us hear about your specific in-home needs.

 We, at Jamhuri Healthcare Services Inc, located in Pikesville Maryland, believe that everyone has the right to live as independently as possible. For that reason, we hire only the most qualified and experience nurses in our area.

Matching clients with nurses appropriately is an important first step in ensuring the care you or a loved one receives is comprehensive and effective.

We make every effort to ensure that your homecare experience with Jamhuri Healthcare Services Inc, is pleasingly satisfying and you or your loved one has the highest quality in-home care possible.

All our employees receive a thorough background check.

New employees require two reference checks

Employees receive individualized training on a home by home basis as well as ongoing in-service education and training.

Managers stay in close contact with clients, families, and employees, to ensure all needs are being met.

We understand that being in a person’s home is a personal and potentially intrusive activity therefore, by providing specialized care to you and your loved one, we endeavor to create a welcoming and caring atmosphere. Give us a call and let us hear about your needs for in-home care.

Personal Home Care Pikesville MD
Personal Home Care Pikesville MD

We have satisfied clients who give us repeat business. We like to think that’s because we have taken a long-term view in a field where many care companies, who may provide services, often leave their clients, not satisfied enough to call them back. To learn more about our services and other types of in-home care, call us. 1-800-547-2851- or visit us on the web: www.jamhuricares.com We are ready to help.


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Dear Jamhuri Healthcare Services,

I want to take this moment to thank you and your entire staff for the excellent care you have provided for my Aunt Ruth, for the past three years and til today. I really appreciate all the personal attention you have given us. Your staff has done a fantastic job of caring for her, keeping the house very clean, preparing her meals, and administering her medications. I truly appreciate everyone’s effort, and It is nice to know that she is being well cared for, as I am such a long distance away.

Again, thank you very much!”

Esther Burns., Pikesville MD,


My Husband and I hired Jamhuri Health Care Services 3 years ago to provide care for my mother, Rahab. She had a severe Alzheimer’s disease. The level of care provided by the company far exceeded our expectations and wishes. The staff provided peace of mind, not only to me but to my family as well. We had three wonderful caregivers who provided different levels of service. Along the way, the transition from one caregiver to another was seamless, as though no change was ever made. Rosemary (the company Administrator) and the staff are experts in finding the right caregiver for every situation. We implore people to give, Jamhuri health Care Services thought when deciding on a home care.”

Sally Adams Medicaid 

Shirley BryantMy Review About Jamhuri Caregivers

Jamhuri Healthcare Services Inc, caregivers have consistently gone above and beyond their job to satisfy our whole family. They have truly demonstrated how excellent service can have a lasting effect on client relationships. They have almost become a part of our family,My husband has had a couple of procedures done and for the last eight years , Jamhuri has been the only agency that we have truly depended on, for his personal care, til today , and I will not want to make any changes, at all. We still trust them for the care of my husband and if you want to confirm this review , just write to me at this address
2138 Aiken Street, Baltimore MD 21218
These are my honest reviews about Jamhuri Healthcare Services Inc, Caregivers.
Shirley Bryant MEDICAID